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Simple Ads Media: For Email Marketing Campaign That Delivers

  • Unlike many other internet marketing strategies, Email Marketing can be trusted.
  • Why is email marketing so relevant? Because learning the usage of internet starts with opening an email account.
  • Email is the pioneering term associated with the world of internet. More than just communication platform, it is presently the most effective way of generating b2b sales development and business opportunity.
Others promise simply to send the targeted client; we at Simple Ads Media assure that the client opens the email.

Simple Ads Media is a leading and one of the most experienced names in the world of email marketing. We have worked with more than 5k clients across the globe. Moreover, Simple Ads Media has managed to keep its trendsetter status intact, powered by its cutting-edge tools and high-end methodologies.

Email Marketing Is Not Just About Bulk Sending; it’s about sending the targeted people at best time

Why email marketing campaign by Simple Ads Media always delivers?

  • We don’t just rely on conventional email marketing strategies; we accompany it with other leadership development strategies, be it about b2b marketing, e-marketing, social media marketing, etc.
  • We add the most productiveoptionshelping you in greater customization, management, and optimization for your email marketing campaigns.
  • Strategic integration of links, promotional videos, or social media linksmakes the campaign gointuitively.
  • The most effective email list is prepared by that can assure lead generation and appointment setting.
  • We take care of your every email reply and also the spam.

Simple Ads Media is a Complete Service Provider, Be It About

Lead Generation
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Campaign Monitoring
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Client Relation building
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Marketing Campaigns
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What do we do for your campaign?

  • We prepare targeted lists of the most upgraded business contacts from thetop international database
  • Our lead generation strategy is pretty simple; these are often based on the right way that would fit with your business. We pick only the most passionate contenders for your product or business
  • To make the campaign most effective, we consistently upgrade and arrange your call lists in terms ofdestinations. We also analyze every call result that can be more helpful in enhancing the campaign.
  • Adding the options like on-the-spot calls, email campaigns, Social media connects, LinkedIn invites and website links, we build the most prolific campaign for you.
  • Thoroughly maintain the upgrades on calls, activities, replies,replies, etc, across various mobile browsers.
  • Making things intuitive, we send prospects in spontaneousstring of communications in accordance with the actions taken on it.
  • Perfect management of leads to ensure the ultimate client retention.
  • We prepare the system through which you can perfectly assess thenotificationsthrough email and texts.

Simple Ads Media is most reputed for being

  • The most trustworthy leader in bulk email generation
  • A leader in email marketing services having strongest hilt in all developed parts of the world, like US, UK, Germany, and all others. Moreover, our client retention record has been envious; be it about the local clients or global.
  • Flexible about client’s budget constraints.
  • A service provider that can assure you about the best solution, no matter your requirement is about sending only a few emails or in bulk.
  • The company that comes withhighest lucrative reseller solution options. In fact, we encourage starting email reseller service through our flexible reseller plans.

Why is Simple Ads Media a favorite among top brands?

  • Simple Ads Media is an experienced email marketing service provider that has already served more than five thousand clients for their email campaigns, newsletter services, bulk emails, etc. The best part, we provide the service where the client doesn’t need to spend huge bucks in buying high-end software or for various configurations.
  • Simple Ads Media is enriched with the most advanced class of email delivery tool that can process bulk email delivery in minimal time span. Having the experience of working with the top brands in itself is a proof of our efficiency.
  • What makes Simple Ads Media the most distinguished is its high-end resource and technicalities. We are technically the most advanced and strategic, be it about lead generation or market expansion across channels.

Our Customized Plan for Every Business Group

Simple Ads Media is known for its customized business plan. Here we don’t just come with a single plan for every client. Rather, we change the features in accordance with the requirements of the specific client. We offer the one-year validity even for the simplest plans. In fact, one can add or reduce requirements anytime, as per business requirement.

Email Marketing is the universal strategy; irrespective of the business type

Simple Ads Media is a bunch of very flexible professionals. We prepare, deliver, and track email campaigns at an unbelievable swiftness. Be it about automating the already present email marketing campaign, managing an already build acontact list, designing the HTML email campaigns, or just tracking the email marketing campaign, we serveexactly what, how, and from where you wish.

Are you looking for the email newsletters that put immediate effect?

Simple Ads Media is the one-stop destination, where you can access a bulk of professionally developed HTML templates at the fingertip. Here you can find the most user-friendly email designer and make the most of thenative email templates. In addition, you can send your present template anytime and put infinite images effortlessly.

It’s not just about sending the emails; make sure it is being opened!

We don’t work just to earn anyway. Here we want to ensure that the client is absolutely accomplished. Our clients thoroughly remain updated about how the campaign goes and the real-time reports. Powered by the high-end trackers, they track every bit of mail and get the exact report about email opening. In fact, the client gets anexact report about the links being clicked, emails getting bounced, and also the Google analytic updates.

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