Media Buying & Selling

Media Buying & Selling

  • Simple Ads Media helps generate marketing hype with creative online media buys and sell ads
  • Give your brand the best exposure through our gigantic platform from around six thousand advertising listing across the globe
  • Simple Ads Media is the secret platform where your favorite brand gets all that exposure.

Simple Ads Media welcomes everyone in the hunt for best ad deals

Starting from the businessmen, service providers, website owners, to the media brokers, Simple Ads Media has been the favorite platform for all. We are biggest buying and selling the platform for display ads, search traffic, high volume branded sites, banners, pop ups, native ads, video, ads, etc.
We have already entertained more than 40k offers from top advertising groups and businessmen

What makes us a favorite among the Publishers?

  • Simple Ads Media offers the most significant traffic monetization models for the publishers. Be it about CPM, CPC, or PPI; we provide all.
  • Simple Ads Media can be the one-stop destination for advertising deals of all segments, starting from entertainment, technology, to game.
  • We ensure our clients get the biggest exposure and enjoy the highest revenue. On this context, we make them available with the most high-end tools.
  • At the same time generating huge revenue, we offer the complete flexibility regarding payment modes.

What we do and how it is explicit?

  • We prepare the most effective ad format that can reach the very valuable smart phone users. And, needless is to say how relevant the smart phone users for any kind of trade related to advertising are.
  • Are you looking for the best platform to buy/sell the display banners? Simple Ads Media can be the platform for you, offering the option to choose from numerous size and placement options.
  • Pop ads are considered the most effective ways of monetizing the websites. Want to buy or sell the pop-up ads? Simple Ads Media holds a proven record on this matter.
  • Soon content over the web is going to be explicitly the video contents. This makes it clear how relevant the video ads. Connect with Simple Ads Media; we will showcase you about the biggest opportunities associated with it.
  • Be it about monetizing the video content through native banner (irrespective of its size), or just want to sell it for an amazing price, Simple Ads Media can be handy in each aspect.

Know Your Rivals

Online media buy and sell sounds pretty cool as a business idea. However, nothing is so easy in modern times. If the idea is simple, competition has to get tough. How to stay ahead of this competition? The answer is with us at Simple Ads Media.
We make our clients available with complete detail about the level of competition. Not just we aware about the competition, we show the ways of getting ahead. For the buyers, we provide them the best space and the sellers with the best clients.

Realize the true worth of your ad space with us

Simple Ads Media’s strategy on this matter is pretty simple. We just provide you with the best; we help you in finding more number of buyers, save your crucial time, and just earn big. Moreover, irrespective of your business size, we can help you in reaching the local and global buyers. Similarly, we make the perfect ad space on sale for those who are looking for it to display the advertisement.
For the large sellers/buyers in the advertising world, doing business by employing anown team of sales personalities can be absolutely costly. Simple Ads Media provides the best opportunity to save such expenses and time as well. We assure to make these transactions happen at a lot lesser price.

We guarantee complete safety?

Simple Ads Media is the safest place on this earth for advertisement trading. We assure zero damage to the ad for the publishers. Making things more trustworthy, we promise complete payback of money in accordance with the disruption or interruption level. Similarly, we promise the most transparent payment transaction for the deal.

Simple Ads Media is known for its flawless report

We ensure that the seller provides exact data that the space for advertisement contains to the buyer (and vice versa). Moreover, both parties agree with the transaction laws. Validation of the report is conducted in an absolutely legal way to maintain the highest level of transparency.

We give complete flexibility regarding maintenance services

For the buyers, Simple Ads Media makes it clear that the maintenance of the advertising space is taken care of by the ad seller. In fact, Simple Ads Media gives the flexibility to the buyers if they wish us to handle those servicing aspects. They have both the option to choose from.

Action is immediate with us

Simple Ads Media is very serious about time. It is here to mention that we hold arecord of confirming and processing the transactions within 24 hours, every time. No matter you are a buyer or seller, the other party is immediately connected. As we are a team of hugely experienced professionals, it doesn’t take us much time to set the terms and conditions as well.

Can I list multiple ads?

We are the biggest directory when it comes to data mining. Naturally, we have the highest option to give you the best one. If you want your ad space to get showcased, all you need is to register with us. In fact, one can add as much advertising space in our directory as he/she wishes. Once registered, it’s just about signing in and picking the most suitable clients.

24 X 7 Customer Service:

We are a huge team. The purpose of making our family such big is to ensure that someone from our side is there to receive the client’s queries. Our customer team remains available 24 x 7 to answer your doubts; be it about technical or non-technical. So, just don’t keep thinking about your amazing media trading plan; share with us or call us at 1 844 866.1208, and we will give you the highest profit

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